XY Axis Manual Stage Thin Type SEMYW80-AC With Micrometer Head & Central Feeding
XY Axis Manual Stage Thin Type SEMYW80-AC



Product Number : SEMYW80-AC

Table Size 80x80mm
Travel stroke ±12.5mm
Parallelism 50μm
Moving parallelism 20μm
Moving straightness 3μm
Pitching 40"
Yawing 20"
Load capacity 39.2N
Weight 0.65Kg
Material Aluminum
Surface treatment Black anodized

The xy axis crossed roller bearing stage with micrometer head SEMYW80-AC is composed of precise crossed rollers with hardened steel formed precisely to be V-grooves rail guides to create linear motion element in high accuracy.

The manual stage SEMYW80-AC is suitable for high-precision and heavy load mobile devices, precision measurement of optics laboratory, precision fine-tuning, production machinery, inspection equipment, precision positioning, quantitative movement, and more.

  • Dual Axis : XY Axis Manual Stage Thin Type
  • Feeding Position : Central feeding
  • Guiding Type : Crossed roller bearing guiding
  • Feeding Mode : Micrometer Head Actuator with 0.01mm Resolution