Positioning Stage Technical Information

Positioning Stage

  Rack and pinion Feeding Scrw Micrometer head
Main feeding mode
Characteristics ●Suitable for high speed mass feed.
●Not suitable for precise positioning.
●Use precise threadscrew pitch to proceed simple precise moving situation. ●General precise reading unit : 0.01mm is suitable for precise tuning.
A circle movement of handle rotation 17~20mm 0.25~1mm 0.5mm
Applied for guiding device Dovetail ●Dovetail
●Crossed roller
●Linear ball bearing
●Crossed roller
●Linear ball bearing


Slide way  Crossed roller Linear ball Doventail type

●Composed of moving rails with 2 V-groove surfaces harden finish, ground precisely,and roller bearings which are connective and take turns moving in 90 degrees to meet requirement of high parallism and high flatness.In structure, V-groove and crossed roller acquire movement in high accuracy and capacity by linear transmission to act a high precision movement and load capacity performance.

●Slide way and body is in one unit, and Gothic arc-groove ground precisely to meet requirement of high parallism and high flatness.Gothic arc-groove formed by dual arc-grooves individually on upper and lower rails of body. Ball moving in single groove is structured by 2 point-contact, and total 4 contact point in dual arc-groove to form strong rail construction. In case of rails of SUS-STAGE is to set ball assembly in arc-groove to save traditional adjustment and revision time. In addition, without adjustment screw would save accuracy problem and maintenance time caused by loosen screw, and cheaper as well.

●Dovetail plane - pinion and rack (Main material:Brass or Aluminum alloy) SFT supply proper models suitable for equipped to various modules such as small, rough-vibrate, large size for installation. Driven-adjustment mode is rack and pinion. Apply to higher working frequency, requirement of faster movement and large stroke.

●Screw-driven plan (main meterial : brass) Prepared by easy-carry standard and slide mode is screw shaft mode. Apply to lower frequency, fine tuning environment.

Applicat-ion This applied to precise movement device in high accuracy and high capacity, optical instruments in precise gauging and fine tuning, various machine tool, gauging instrument, precise positioning and quantitative movment…etc This applied to precise posistioning device in high accuracy and mid-capacity, product and design integrated system, optical experiment precise transportion and fine tuning mechanism application. This applied to optical instruments and equipments, sampler, detecting device, semi-conductor manufacturing equipment, test machine, micorscope, transiting machine, maching center, medical instrument, printer and others.
Moving accuracy
Load capacity




  • Mini-Stage is applied for high precision or mid and heavy loading of various production machinery , testing device , precise positioning and quantitative movement . 
  • There're many types of mini-stages with single axis (X-axis) ; dual axes (XY-axis ) ; Z-axis ; θ-axis , ρ-axis ...can be collocated as needed . 




  • Customer's requirements of precise fine tuning ; quantitative movement and able to proceed mass feed of fine tuning.
  • Coordinated customer's precise machinery or instrument and fixed in suitable position.
  • Feeding mode diversification such as coarse moving handle / micrometer head ; feed screw ,  rank and pinion with scale and able to manage movement rate.
  • The sets of mini stages , XY-axis , XYZ-axis , XZ-axis , and multi-axis modules are able to effectively reduce assembling process because of adjusting their vertical angle before shipping.




  • SFT product series are all composed of part in high accuracy , please avoid environment of extreme high temperature , extreme low temperature , huge temperature variation , exposed to sun light , high humidity , high dust , high vibration , high shock and easy-dewed...etc .
  • To maintain motion accuracy and usage life of products in all series , please check allowable capacity of the product before operation . Don't overload out of rated capacity .
  • Besides allowable capacity limit , please avoid taking gravity of loaded object over the edge of the stage .
  • All kinds of rolling mechanisms set in the product need proper clean and lubricated maintenance in the period of operating , depending on situations of operation , and use appropriate lubricant .
  • All kinds of rolling mechanisms set in the product are adjusted and leveled by engineers before shipment , please do not try any adjustment if not trained or authorized .
  • Please use right lock unit , tools and wrench torque while processing products in positioning security and connecting security .
  • For accessories of SFT product series or related information , SFT sales could offer best consultation .
  • Special purpose application or other spec. SFT also provide custom-made service .