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Positioning Stage : Linear Ball Guiding

Slide way and body of the linear ball stage is in one unit, and Gothic arc-groove ground precisely to meet requirement of high parallism and high flatness.Gothic arc-groove formed by dual arc-grooves individually on upper and lower rails of body. Ball moving in single groove is structured by 2 point-contact, and total 4 contact point in dual arc-groove to form strong rail construction.

In case of rails of SUS-STAGE is to set ball assembly in arc-groove to save traditional adjustment and revision time. In addition, without adjustment screw would save accuracy problem and maintenance time caused by loosen screw, and cheaper as well.

M Y 60 A Specifications options
Transmission Axis Nominal 
Material S: Side
M:Automatic X:Single axis Platform 
extermal dimensions 
A:Aluminumalloy SR:Reversed side
  Y:Dual axes S:Staninless steel SZ:Side feeding with micrometer on the top
  ZL:X axis+L bracket F:Carbon steel SZR:Reversed side feeding with micrometer on the top
  R:θ axis   C:Central feeding
  R: Angle θ axis   CR:Reversed central feeding
      R:Right side feeding
      L:Left side feedin