X Axis Manual Stage SEMC2D-60 With Micrometer Head & Rack and Pinion Type
X Axis Manual Stage SEMC2D-60



Product Number : SEMC2D-60

Table Size 40x60mm
Travel stroke ±21mm
Moving straightness 40μm
 load capacity 34.3N
Weight 0.48Kg
Material Aluminum
Surface treatment Black anodized

The x axis manual stage SEMC2D-60 is suitable for optical instruments, measuring devices, inspection apparatus, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, testing machines, microscopes, handling machine, processing machines, medical equipment, printing, and more.

  • Single Axis : X Axis Manual Stage
  • Guiding Type : Dovetail Guiding
  • Feeding Mode :Rack and Pinion Type
  • Minimum reading : 0.1mm/Vernier