Gonio Way Precautions On Usage

Precautions On Usage

♦ Lubrication:

Use lithium soap based lubricating grease.

♦ Deviation of retainers:

Retainers will deviate from their correct positions when gonio ways are used under conditions of high speed, vibrations and unbalanced loads. To minimize this deviation, maintain additional travel distance and avoid excessive pre-stressed loads.

♦ Dust-proof:

Gonio ways may not realize their ideal performance due to dust or foreign objects likely to penetrate into their interior depending on operating environment; it is recommended to protect gonio ways by using external dust-proof covers on them if they are to be used in harsh environments.

♦ Damping boards:

Screws are installed on the end faces of the gonio ways to prevent the arc retainers falling.

♦ Environment for using gonio ways:

It is recommended to use our gonio ways in environments with temperature ranging from -20℃ to 110℃.

♦ Using a paired set is a principle:

The accuracy for using gonio ways is based on the unit of a complete set to realize a precise control on the mutual deviation range. The mixed use of gonio ways from different sets will result in a reduction of their accuracy; exercise caution when assembling gonio ways.

♦ Adjustments:

When used under such circumstances where the accuracy on the installation face or the pre-stressed load has not been fully adjusted, their movement accuracy will drop, thus resulting in the deflection or distortion and rendering it likely to reduce their use performance and life; exercise extreme caution during adjustment.

♦ Permitted loads:

They refer to the highest values of loads when the total flexible distortion on the contact parts remains small and a smooth rolling can still be performed under the maximal contact stress on the rolling body and track surface.
In request of hihg accuracy and smooth environment, please handle within its design and permitted loads.