Z Axis Manual Stage SEMZL40-AS With Micrometer Head & Slide Feeding
Z Axis Manual Stage SEMZL40-AS



Product Number : SEMZL40-AS

Table Size 40x40mm
Travel stroke ±6.5mm
Moving straightness 3μm
Pitching 25"
Yawing 15"
Load capacity 9.8N
Weight 0.23Kg
Material Aluminum
Surface treatment Black anodized

The Z axis crossed roller bearing stage with micrometer head SEMZL40-AS is composed of precise crossed rollers with hardened steel formed precisely to be V-grooves rail guides to create linear motion element in high accuracy.

The manual stage SEMZL40-AS is suitable for high-precision and heavy load mobile devices, precision measurement of optics laboratory, precision fine-tuning, production machinery, inspection equipment, precision positioning, quantitative movement, and more.

  • Single Axis : Z Axis Manual Stage
  • Feeding Position : Slide feeding
  • Guiding Type : Crossed roller bearing guiding
  • Feeding Mode : Micrometer Head Actuator with 0.01mm Resolution