Crossed Roller Bearing Other Precautions
Other Precautions

♦ Instructions on lubrication

(1)No. 2 lithium soap based grease is filled into the cross roller bearings during their assembly so that they can be used directly. However, the products need lubricating on regular basis and users are required to re-apply grease of the same series at a minimum interval ranging from 6 to 12 months to enable the distribution of grease within the entire internal structure of the bearing.

(2)Avoid using mixed lubrication grease of various kinds.

(3)When the bearings are used under the such special conditions as high vibration, clean rooms, vacuum, low and high temperature, it may be impossible to use general-purpose lubrication grease and when you need to use special grease, contact us first for our advice.

♦ Precautions on use

(1)Foreign objects entering the interior of the bearings may damage the revolution path of the rollers or disable their functions; therefore, caution against the entry of foreign objects into the interior.

(2)If bearings are used at an ambient temperature above 80℃,contact us first.

(3)When foreign objects enter the interior of bearings, apply lube oil again after washing them.

(4)Do not attempt to remove the screws and nuts on the split type bearings