Crossed Roller Bearing Installation Steps
Installation Steps

Follow the following steps when installing cross roller bearings:

1. Check each part and component before installing

Wash clean the supporting seat and other installation parts, remove dirt from them and confirm that each part and component is deburred.

2. Insert the cross roller bearings into supporting seat or shaft

Thin wall bearings are prone to tilt when being inserted; level one side, and insert bearings gradually by evenly knocking along the circumference using a rubber hammer until a sound arises confirming that the bearing is fully aligned with the contact surface.

3. Installation of the flange disc

(1) Place the disc into position, shake it along its circumference back and forth several times to adjust the locations of installation screws.
(2) Install screws. when manually turning the screws, confirm that no deviation of screw holes renders it hard to thread screws into position.
(3) The following figure shows that the locking of screws is divided into several phases from temporary to final tightening; tighten the screws in the order shown on the diagonal repeatedly. When locking split inner and outer rings, slightly turn the uni-body outer rings or inner rings to correct their deviations form the bearing body.