Crossed Roller Bearing Flange Discs and Locking Screws
Flange Discs and Locking Screws

The values of the wall thickness (F) or the clearance (S) of the flange discs may be designed per the following formula. As for the quantity of locking screws, they may be configured at equal intervals by using the quantity shown in table (1).

It is recommended to fixate the flange discs using materials made of iron. It is advised to firmly lock the screws using torque wrenches. See table (2) for the locking torques of supporting seats or supported flange discs which are made of general medium hardness steel.

♦ (Table 1) Quantity and size of locking screws

OD of outer rings (D) Quantity of screws Screw sizes
(base values)
Above Below
100 Above 8 M3~M5
100 200 Above 12 M4~M8
200 500 Above 16 M5~M12
500 Above 24 Above M12

♦ (Table 2) Locking torque of screws


Screw models Locking torques Screw models Locking torques
M3 2.1 M10 72
M4 3.9 M12 122
M5 9 M16 201
M6 13 M20 392
M8 31 M22 531