Crossed Roller Bearing Example of Calculating The Rated Life
Example of Calculating The Rated Life

 ♦ SRB11020 type used in following condition if the rated life is calculated.

I.D.:d=110 (mm)
0.D.:160 (mm)
W1=700 (N)
W2=2000 (N)
Fr=2500 (N)
L=700 (mm)
Pitch circle dia.:dw=135(mm)
Basic dynamic rated load C=34000 N
Basic static rated load C0=54000 N
Radial load:Fr=2500 (N)
Axial load:Fa=W1+W2=700+2000=2700 (N)
Moment:M=W1xL=700x700=490000 (N · mm)
Pitch circle dia:dw=(d+D) / 2=(110+160) / 2=135 (mm)

Therefore,Radial load factor:X=1,Axial load factor:Y=0.45
Dynamic equivalent radial load: